Vertical Mouse

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2.4GHz USB Wireless Vertical Grip Ergonomic Optical Mouse with 6 Buttons Compatible with Mac OS X

Type: vertical mouse
Style: wireless
Model: 11-W01-2180
Optical resolution: 1000DPI
Button: 6
Color: black
Size: 123*75*62mm
Package size: 9x13x7.4cm


What is a vertical mouse?

To answer this question we must first define what is a vertical mouse, it is a peripheral that allows interaction at the operating system level with our computers, offering a significant improvement in ergonomics for the user. In this part we will analyze the aforementioned, although we continue to interact with the computer as with any mouse, so the relevant part is when it talks about ergonomics, but what kind of ergonomics can it offer us?


The vertical mouse is designed so that when using it the user can distribute the pressure that is exerted on his wrist, in this way the forearm and shoulder are responsible for providing the movement of the mouse. This is because the vertical mouse lives up to its name. In other words, we are talking about an innovative design that allows the hand to relax, especially the wrist, and the twisting of the forearm is avoided, diminishing all the uncomfortable ones of a bad position.

Knowing this key aspect of this product, what comes now is to know the benefits that it presents us with its continuous use. Minimizes all convalescence and diseases related to prolonged poor posture, such is the case of carpal tunnel syndrome, which causes the tendons of the hand to mount on each other causing it to be difficult to press with it. In this way we are dealing with a device that is aimed at an audience that must spend long hours using a mouse.

For Gamers

These vertical mice have evolved to stand out in all the aspects that participate, such as the Mouse Gamers cases, which are designed to provide a better gaming experience for the users, offering a better ergonomics to all the casual and professional players that They need to take care of their health. Undoubtedly an aspect that is highly appreciated to companies engaged in this field.

Precision of the pointer

Everything that has been mentioned so far seems promising, but it has a small detail, for its same design that provides ergonomics in dreams also makes it a bit more difficult for the laser or optical precision, in other words controlling the pointer will be a little more uncomfortable Of course this will only be at the beginning, everything is a matter of getting used to its use.



Additional information

Weight 0.165 kg
Dimensions 13 x 9 x 8 cm


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